Technical information – Set up

Single pipe

Is it possible to install DeLonghi towel heater rails on single-piped systems?

Yes it is. But it is not possible on mixed towel heater rails.

On the single-piped system of the towel heater rails, can the probe be placed horizontally or should it be placed vertically?

If the towel heater rail has lower couplings the probe can be placed only in the vertical direction, whereas if the towel heater rail has lateral couplings and the main body is made of pipes (only circular pipes, not flat ones) the probe can be inserted horizontally onto the lower pipe.

How long should the probe for the single-piped tower heater rails be?

Vertical probe: you have to replace the pre-mounted plastic probe with a copper tube with a length of 2/3 of the height of the towel heater rail. Horizontal probe: the length of the probe should be as that the opposed extremity of the copper tube reaches the beginning of the opposed collector.

Can you connect a compact plate (Compact Plate, Linear Compact or relative Hygiene versions) to a single-piped system?

Yes you can, but only plates with at least two panels (from 20 upwards) with the special De’Longhi key for single-piped couplings (cod. 611561) and De’Longhi flow deviation (cod. 5380003300). Successively, the plate has to be connected to the system by means of a single pipe valve.

Can you connect a Multi-column system to a single-piped system?

Yes, you can. If the Multi-column is in the 4 or G set-up. For further information please see the List or Catalogue.


What types of shelves suit the radiator?

In the Catalogue you can see, product by product, which shelves are suited for each radiator. As a general rule, the main available shelves for the multicolumn are the GBT, GTX, R12V and the floor supports PGE, PGG, PGT. For the plates the available shelves are the GB, D3-D30, F7 (the latter for the models that do not have rear supports) and floor supports PX, PK1, PK3, QT. For the thermo furniture (water, electric) further to the decorative radiators and the electrical ones in aluminium, shelves are always included in the packing (for replacements please see the List or Catalogue).

How do you install wall or floor shelves for the radiator?

In the instruction manual of the radiator (thermo furniture) or in the instruction leaflet inserted in the packing of the shelves (plates and multicolumn) you can find instructions for their installation. Useful information are inserted under the section “Technical Information” of the List or Catalogue.

Are there any floor shelves for the radiator?

In the Catalogue you can see, product by product, which shelves are suited for each radiator. As a general rule, we can provide floor supports for the Plates (feet PK1, PK3 and PX) and for the Multicolumn (PGG, PGE, PGT-60 and PGT 1-60).

Which radiators are there flag-couplings for?

Only for the towel heater rails with tubes, and in particular for the Solo Dolce Vita Plus (water) and Elegance (water) models.


How many couplings have vertical plates?

Vertical plates always have 6 couplings, and can therefore be connected both for the central and sides coupling (lower or upper side).

Does it make any difference if the connection of the vertical plates is made from the top or the bottom?

No it doesn’t. The top coupling can be performed only with the Vertical in AA configuration, which has an inner septum useful to allow the water flow in the correct way.


Commercial request

I do not have instructions and installation details for th radiator, how do I get them?

Instructions for use and installation can be downloaded from the dedicated product page in this website (under the section “Images and Documentation”).

Commercial request

Assistance Center

CUSTOMERS – Which Assistance Centre should I contact to fix my electric radiator?

You need to contact your technician.

TECHNICIANS - Which Assistance Centre should I contact to fix my electric radiator?

You need to contact your local Distributor (see under the area Contacts- Distribution in this website).

Coloured radiators

What colour can I choose for the radiator?

All colours RAL within the colour data sheet of the List or Catalogue (see List or Catalogue).

What are the colour options for the De’Longhi radiators?

RAL White 9016 De’Longhi

What is the surcharge for coloured radiators?

The surcharge for coloured radiators is the 25 per cent for Ral colours, and 35 per cent for special colours inserted in the colours data sheet.

Series supply

Are the radiator shelves included in the packing?

You can download the Technical Data Sheet whereby it is said if the radiator’s shelves are included in the packing. As a general rule, all thermo furniture and decorative radiators (both water, electric, therefore even Blowers and electric ones in Aluminium) have a set of shelves included in the packing. The Multicolumn does not have shelves included in the packing. Some plates might have them (Plattella Compatta, Plattella PHD, Plattella Igiene), and some others may not (all other models).

Details and availability of the Range

I would like to know the available height and weight for a radiator

In every single product page, in the first screen you can see the range of each radiator in terms of height/length for water radiators, and in terms of heigth/power for electric radiators. For further details, you can download the Technical Data Sheet in which you can find all available heights and lengths.

Prices – offer request

I would like to receive an offer for some radiators / I would like to know the gross prices

In the “Contacts” page of this website you can find your closest commercial contact whom you can contact for a commercial offer.

Technical information – radiator’s technical details

Single pipe

What details should I provide for ordering a Multi-column with a single pipe configuration?

The diameter of the probe.

Couplings – characteristics (inches, threads, etc.)

What type of coupling does the Multi-column have?

The standard Multicolumn with side couplings is provided with the desired couplings (see dedicated Technical Data Sheet) of 1/2″, 3/8″, 3/4″ or without reductions(1″1/4). The Multicolumn with perpendicular couplings (configurations A,B,C,D,E,F,G) always have couplings of 1/2″, inner thread. Only the Multicolumn with central couplings (config. M) has couplings of 3/4″, external thread. The Multicolumn with integrated valve always have couplings of 3/4″, external thread.

Useful dimensions, distances in between coupling points, etc.

What is the depth of the radiator?

In the product page of each single product you can download the Technical Data Sheet in which the main measures of the radiator, the distance from the wall, from the floor and from different coupling points are specified.

What type of coupling does the radiator have?

In the product page of each single product you can download the Technical Data Sheet in which details on the couplings, in particular the diameter in inches, internal or external thread, distances in between them are specified.

Problems to the radiator

Thermostat / electronic control

The thermostat/electronic control of my radiator is broken, can I order a replacement?

Each electric radiator DLR is checked and certified in the body+electronic control assembly, therefore a problem to the latter cannot be fixed by th4e technician or by the customer but has to be solved by an Assistance Centre (see Contacts area).

Who should you contact

Qualitative problem to the radiator : who should I contact?

If you are an end user, you can contact the technical that installed the radiator into the system. If you are a technician you can contact the distributor which you bought the radiator from. The distribution web manages problems and claims to radiators.

Replacement of old radiators

I have a Lamella De'Longhi radiator, what radiator is currently in the range that can replace mine?

For the inter-axes Lamella models 430, 530, 630 and 930 (respective heights 500, 600, 800 and 1000) the DLR has in range the Multicolumn with special inter-axes Lamella.

I have an old DIN radiator, what other radiators can replace it?

Old DIN radiators can be replaces with the Plattella Compact models with special inter-axes (inter-axes 300-400-500-600-900.


How can you turn a PHD place into a reversible plate and make it a normal valve plate (symmetric)?

Indications to open the PHD septa and turn the PHD plate into a normal plate with valve are inserted in the instructions that you can find in the packing. Only one screwdriver is needed..

Do PHD valve have a pre-set thermostat valve?

Yes the do. All PHD plates (models 10-11-20-21-22-32-33) have a pre-set valve. Both the Plattella and the Linear (in both the normal and hygiene versions).

Do PHD plate have shelves included in the packing?

The Plattella PHD Thermostatic System and the Plattella PHD Hygiene Thermostatic System have the shelves included in the packing. In particular, for the Plattella PHD Thermostatic System the model 10 has D30 shelves, the model 11 has GB shelves and the models 21-22-32-33 have F7 type shelves. For the Plattella PHD Thermostatic Hygiene System the models 20 and 30 have GB shelves included in the packing. All Linear models do not include shelves in the packing.

Is the PHD valve reversible?

PHD plates have a technology of serial distribution of hot water within the radiator, and therefore were created to have a warmer frontal plate and a colder rear plate. The Plattella PHD Thermostatic System, for the models 21-22-32-33 is provided without the welded rear supports, therefore a reversible plate in left in the case in which it is re-converted into a normal valve (not phd). The other PHD plates, having rear-welded supports, are not reversible.