AirSystem Tecnology®

The exclusive Air System® technology gives you three products in one, adding the advantages of an electric fan heater to our range of bathroom towel warmers. The fan heater can be used alone to heat small areas quickly and ef ciently, or in combination with the towel warmer to increase output. Air System® technology is available with traditional, electric and mixed towel warmers.

AMB Technology

We also express our passion for technological innovation by constantly developing new thermostat standards to ensure we always best meet our users’ needs. New in 2016: the thermostat with AMB technology, based on careful ergonomic studies that led us to position the thermostat at mid- height, so you can easily access the controls and don’t have to bend down to use them.

L.S.T. technology

We’re also introducing our L.S.T. technology in 2016. L.S.T. (Low Surface Temperature) provides optimal heating, while reducing the radiator’s surface temperature to ensure safe comfortable environment.